White Dragon?

It's funny how sometimes I don't feel like I have anything to contribute to my LJ friends' entries, and other times, I'm on a replying rampage...

Anywho. I heard back from my editor about Green Dragon; she'll be done soon. I mentioned to her that I was now working on White Dragon and apparently, the publisher has an accelerated publishing process. If I can give her a date as to when I'll be done as well as a partial, she can put me on the list for next year.

Dude! First I have to finish the FIRST draft, tweak it and what not, then get at least 2 beta-readers! And honestly, even if I already have 50K words, I deviated so much from my outline that I don't know where I'll be going. Can this be accomplished in the next 8 months? Not sure...

Hey, it's nice to know that the option is there, though.


Now that I'm done with Green Dragon (just waiting to hear from the editor for her final words), 'tis time to move on to the next story, White Dragon. I'd been working on it in 2009, but after beeing sacked for the second time, my dad's newly diagnosted Alzheimers and what not, I hadn't written a line in it for all of 2010. So now, I open up that wonderful file, and I'm shocked to see that I have 55,000 words written.


From what I recall, I'm not even halfway through the story, either. My outline now seems childish, though, plus the story went a different way while I wrote it. What to do, what to do...

So now, I need to read it all again - because I forgot what I wrote - and see where I'm going with it.

It's exciting!

Good news

Dean accepted a job with HelpStar. Still computer stuff, but he'll be consulting and training instead of fixing people's problems over the phone.

I'm done!

Ok, it was supposed to be finished last weekend, but I got the flu. So today, as of like, 15 minutes ago, I finished Green Dragon. Now I'll hound the editor for her finish date and try to get a copy of the book cover to put in my website.


My first writing accomplishment of the year

Boy, does this ever suck!

Tonight, I wrote for the first time this year. Procrastinator extraordinaire, that's me.

The good side is that I just sent Chapter 15 of Green Dragon to my editor. I'm hoping I can do the last 3 chapters by next Monday. Chapter 16 will take longer, as I need to include a whole new scene. It might turn out long or short, I'm not sure yet.

I promise myself I'll be much more disciplined with White Dragon. Man, I have to be!

Ah, new year resolutions...

And we're off!

Tomorrow, we leave for Cuba. We booked at a resort in Santa Lucia ( (the A thingie, but I'm not certain how accurate this is), very close to the coral reefs. We want to put our scuba certification to full use! Actually, I'm hoping we'll be close enough that we can just swim out on our own to snorkel, and once we've done a group dive, maybe to just rent tanks and go by ourselves. Right now, of course, it's only in the air, as it may turn out that we need a boat to get there, but you never know! In Cozumel, one of the reefs was close enough that we did just that :)

We're back on the 18th, and then I hope to be able to launch my website to post my own pics, without relying on Dean to do so (that's why our cottage outing 2 years ago never made it - his site is also wonky, so we need a new thing).

Once I'm back and wrinkled like a prune from being in the water so much, I'll share and then start the PYO swap.

I need to finish my book

Ok, so Green Dragon was due to come out in March this year. It didn't because I wanted to edit it seriously. I mean, this was the first novel I ever wrote! The style was off and there were some serious flaws. So I started. My editor got sick and was backlogged, so while I sent chapter after chapter, I wasn't sure if I was going in the right direction. I stopped, not wanted to have to start over again in case I was totally off the track.

I heard back! And she totally backed me up, so now, I can finish. My goal is to finish my part before the end of the year. Hopefully, she'll be able to catch up in order for us to be ready for March 2011... only a year behind!

I can't keep up

Ever since I started full time, I'm finding I'm spending less and less time online. Let's face it, I spent a lot of time online instead of writing! So now, I think, hey, I haven't checked out LJ in a while... so I think I miss a few posts from everyone. Same on the Windstone forum, I think, though I am on there at least once a day.

I finally heard back from my editor, and I think we'll be able to finalize chapters 1, 3 and 4. I'm working on editing chapter 9 right now and might be much farther along if I hadn't accepted a big translation job. Said job is taking me long, plus... whiiiiiine! I don't wanna work on this right now, etc.

Work is good and fun, Dean's feeling better and is in full reno-mode (we now have a subfloor downstair where we weren't going to need one for quite a while), so things are good!