Good new, bad news

The bad: My website is totally screwed up... I tried uploading pics from my trip in France and something went awry. The feedback page for the Windstone forum is running fine, though - except that the background scheme doesn't show. I'll be fixing it, but first, I need to go through the comments from the editor.

The good: Yes, an new editor (the one for Green Dragon left, other stuff happened to the next one - my poor dragons were not feeling loved for a time) looked it over and gave me her comments on what to fix/work on.

So White Dragon will still come out this year, just a bit later than first planned.

Draft 2 of White Dragon

I'm starting Chapter 2.

Adaneth (Shout_of_Joy) was kind enough to beta-read the first draft - which, given its designation, really wasn't ready to be read. However, even if I detected underlying disappointment, I'm really glad and extremely thankful she forged through it, because I now know exactly where I'm going with this story.

So thank you again, Joelle!

My lastest thing... classical fencing

As opposed to modern fencing. You use a rapier, not a foil, and the main rule is to survive, so to touch your opponent without being touched.

I tried the intro course and just LOVED it! It gets you to really move, so the cardio is there, you work your leg muscles differently than with other forms of exercises wih the back and forth, and the arm holding the sword works too - that things weighs just under 2 pounds. Hold it up, arm extended for an hour and boy, do you feel your lower arm. The only drawback is that you never switch positions, so you just work with your right arm and right foot forward - with kickboxing, weights, etc., you tend to do one side, then the other.

But the most fun? You get to play with a sword! Bwahaha!

So for the next class, you need your own equipment, at the very least the rapier. I got me this beauty: as well as shoes, small sneakers basically, with a rather flat sole so you can be nice and light on your feet.

Next, I'll be getting a jacket and a mask like these: 

I'm stoked! 

My website's screwy

Well, I finally came to the conclusion that I have to start my website over: the file somehow got corrupted. It started when I'd get an out of memory message, then later, I couldn't upload pics with a pop-up window option and now, it just will not let me update at all.

So for now, the basics are there, so namely a home page with a link to here and to the book section. I also have the feedback lists up and running for the Windstone forum.

Next, I'll do my PYO gallery, then my collection, which was in dire need of updating, so that part isn't a huge loss.


Green Dragon is released!!!

Woot!!! My first book is out. So exciting, you have no idea. I updated my website (with a decent picture of myself) and the link to the book page is now live.

Here's the link to my page with all the places where the book is available at this point:

In a few weeks, the paperback will be available. I'll be able to get a copy and set up a display with it and my Green male dragon :)

It's now official...

... White Dragon is scheduled for 2012.

I reread everything I had so far and I can get easily back into the groove. I now more or less remember where I was going - I scribbled enough on my notes to actually make sense - so here goes!

Be warned, some of you will be solicited to beta-read this year...